Our fabrics use anti-microbial silver that prevents 99.9 of bacterial growth

JDT Aerosilver Sports Mask aims to provide protective bacteria-free air and reduce the irritation on your face

How it Works

What is Aerosilver™?
Why choose JDT Sports Mask?

Anti-microbial fabric using Aerosilver™️ technology

Antiviral, antifungal as well as antibacterial

The functionality of our masks go beyond that of traditional fashion face masks masks as the Aerosilver™️ technology is a safe alternative to chemical and nano treatments most antimicrobial fabrics use.  The Aerosilver™️ technology in our unique health care fabric is part of the fiber that the fabric is woven of and doesn’t cause skin irritations, health issues and doesn’t wash out into the environment or loses its antimicrobial properties. 

Aerosilver™ is extensively developed and made in Korea by Hyosung TNG

A leading corporation in functional textiles R&D

Infused with silver ions, Aerosilver™ is proven by government authorized testing facility KOTITI, to have antibacterial effecacy of 99.9% when tested for pneumococcus, which causes various respiratory infectious diseases and staphylococcus aureus, the cause of mold, food poisoning and odor.

Fast absorption and fast dry, clean, fresh and less skin trouble

99.9% bacterial activity reduction

Aerosilver™ technology is proven to have faster absorption and fast dry functionality. JDT Aerosilver Sports Mask mask aims to provide protective bacteria-free air, but also significantly reduces the irritation on your face when covered by our mask compare to surgical level mask.

Use it again! Protect next generation from 2nd, 3rd pandemic!

Surgical level masks and dental masks are not reusable.

More than 100 million face masks are made everyday and thrown away after daily use. We believe we can save the environment and flatten the curve at the same time with our JDT Aerosilver Sports Mask. Try to contribute to saving the earth and protect yourself by using “Reusable” JDT Aerosilver Sports Mask.

Aerosilver Tag.

All packaging comes with Aerosilver tag. Only masks with the Aerosilver tag is genuine.

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